Frequently Asked Questions

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Attendees staying overnight can arrive on Monday 28 March starting at 5pm GMT. For attendees attending only for content on Tuesday 29 March, breakfast will begin at 8 and content will start at 9.

Sevenoaks School, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1HU.

This event was built for individuals or teams of two or three from each school, to include: 

  • A member of the senior leadership team 
  • A class teacher
  • An IT lead 

Start by filling out the form of interest by clicking the “Register Interest” button on the homepage. We’ll be in touch to ensure that we have all three of your team members listed correctly and to get your billing information.

Anyone staying overnight Monday 28 and/or Tuesday 29 at the International Centre will be assigned a room at check in. For Monday evening arrivals before 6 pm, please check in directly at the IC for your room assignment. If checking in after 6 pm on Monday or if just staying over on Tuesday please pick up your room assignment at the registration area in the Science and Technology Centre. 

Based on the preferences you shared in your interest form, you will be assigned a room on either a same sex or mixed floor of the boarding house. Please note that rooms are not lockable, but boarding houses are secured during the programme by school staff.

Some school rules are just non negotiable and apply to everyone. Smoking and vaping is not allowed anywhere on the campus.

For those staying over in the boarding house on Monday evening, we will be serving a curry dinner in the Dining Hall, starting at 6:00 pm through 8:00. On Tuesday, a breakfast buffet will be served beginning at 8:00 with a lunch buffet at 12:50. The Make the Future Feast will be served immediately after programming ends on Tuesday at 6:15. If you let us know of any dietary restrictions on your preference form, we will tell you how to indicate that to the catering staff for this plated dinner when you pick up your badge. For all buffet meals, a variety of options will be available. For those staying over Tuesday evening, we will serve a breakfast buffet Wednesday morning in the Dining Hall starting at 8:00. 

Most importantly, we want you to be comfortable! The summit is business casual so feel free to wear jeans or whatever makes you feel most relaxed. If you’re staying over until Wednesday, be sure to pack more casual clothes for Wednesday’s Walk and Talk, including comfortable walking shoes and rain gear. You may also want to throw in a sweater – meeting rooms can be chilly – plus an extra face mask, snacks, and a water bottle.
If you like to take notes digitally, bring your fully charged mobile devices. We will have a limited number of power outlets for recharging so a portable powerbank is useful if you plan on using your devices throughout the day. If you’re staying overnight, showers are a shared resource and towels are not provided so remember to bring a towel.

As COVID cases have continued to rise here over the past several weeks, we ask that you kindly follow our event safety guidelines so we can all take good care of each other:

-Take lateral flow tests before arrival at the event and each morning, as you would in your own school setting​​​.
-Make regular use of the hand sanitizer available across the campus.
-Do not attend the event if you have a fever or other COVID symptoms.
-Immediately inform the event organiser if you have symptoms or test positive whilst at the event.
-Consider alternatives to hugs and handshakes to greet fellow participants (style out an elbow bump instead!).
-Face masks will not be mandatory, however please do wear one if it makes you feel safer and more comfortable.

We’re thrilled to have you joining us next week and appreciate the time you’re taking to build this community with us. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to and have a restful weekend,

The participants of Make the Future will become a community that will continue to learn together and support one another after the event. There will be more information at the event about becoming a part of this community. No action is required prior to the summit.